Learning Cisco technology @Zeetron Networks

ZNPL's Cisco training is designed to address the challenges of implementing and maintaining the network and provides an effective solution to protect the network from attacks. This course provides the necessary foundation for learners to understand the importance of good cybersecurity and the various technologies that protect the system from threats. The practical skills acquired by learners in the course help them design and deliver high levels of safety implementation and troubleshooting skills.

Learning Result

  • Design and configure systems that are specific to your business needs.
  • Design security at all levels and provide the necessary security-specific support.
  • Master safety design and configuration knowledge.
  • Ensure system security is enhanced based on business needs.
  • Provide expert technical support for safety related aspects.

Why should you learn Cisco Technology?

Computer networking and infrastructure management have become an integral part of almost every organization. Although companies and organizations have a range of computers and communication tools, they are usually separated in some way.

Since the accuracy and speed of data flow and transactions play a crucial role in the success of an organization, this has greatly changed them. To overcome these barriers to limiting infrastructure efficiency, businesses and various government agencies want to upgrade their IT infrastructure and therefore require a lot of work.

Big companies like Cognizant and Infosys are important recruiters for network management. Over the past few years, services such as universal identification have become more important, and the demand for public sector network management professionals has increased. Management, the network becomes a key element of the daily operation of the enterprise.


After completion of training candidates will get Certificate from Zeetron Networks Pvt Ltd.

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