Learning Machine Learning @Zeetron Networks

ZNPL's machine learning courses are designed to help learners gain insight into machine learning theory and understand how systems use existing data to predict behavior and trend prediction models. Learners will be able to evaluate machine learning algorithms and build various machine learning models and implement various regression techniques. After completing the course, participants will gain insight into these concepts so they can analyze the data to predict the outcome.

Learning Result

  • Expert in building machine learning models.
  • Implement linear and logistic regression to predict results.
  • Evaluation machine learning algorithm.
  • Expertise from observation to the end of the project's target value.
  • Use existing data to predict behaviour and trends.
  • Evaluation machine learning algorithm.
  • Build and implement various regression technique.

Why should you learn machine learning?

Machine learning has penetrated almost every aspect of life and work - from spam filters to algorithmic trading, playing a vital role in today's IT environment. Machine learning is now the backbone of almost all forms of technology, with more than 50% of companies implementing it in their products. In the past few years, innovations in machine learning techniques and algorithms have led to fraud detection, speech recognition, autonomous vehicles, accurate web searches, and an ever-increasing understanding of the human genome.

With speed The development of artificial intelligence has disrupted the entire industry, and organizations are always looking for employees with machine learning practices.


After completion of training candidates will get Certificate from Zeetron Networks Pvt Ltd.

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