Wi-Fi Solutions

Now every enterprise relies on the Internet, and the Wi-Fi network without physical wired connections between senders and receivers is the easiest way to connect businesses and their employees. However, some companies investing in fast Internet connections (sometimes over leased lines) rely on basic wireless access points that provide only consumer-level Wi-Fi connectivity and security.

Who needs a Wi-Fi solution?

All types of companies can benefit from enterprise-to-small-sized (SME) enterprise-class Wi-Fi solutions. This is a solution that can benefit from almost every industry and industry, whether they are looking for Wi-Fi connectivity for their employees or providing public Wi-Fi connectivity to their customers. Below are examples of how commercial-grade Wi-Fi can benefit different types of business environments.

A range of Wi-Fi solutions

Our range of high-performance wireless access points provides flexible, high-performance Wi-Fi solutions for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors for private and public use. Our team of experts can conduct a comprehensive review of your environment, recommending the right Wi-Fi solution and the correct positioning of the access point to ensure optimal coverage even in large areas.

"We guarantee that our commitment is reality"

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Zeetron annual maintenance contract service gives you a variety of options to keep your IT department up and running. As one of the leading IT service providers, we use technology as a catalyst for your business. Our versatile certified engineers enable us to provide the best IT supports for your system.

You can subscribe to our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to take advantage of:


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Reality check

The products offered by Zeetron Networks through the annual maintenance contract service are unique -
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