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About Us

Zeetron Networks Pvt. Ltd.

In the present Time, regular Education itself is not enough for getting the Desired Job. After a depth analysis of the existing Market Scenario, Zeetron Networks Pvt. Ltd. has designed Live Project Training Programs for the students of every stream. We are the best coaching as well as training institute in Jaipur. Now students don’t have to search for an Industrial Training Institute in Jaipur. You can directly enroll with Zeetron Networks Pvt. Ltd. and explores the opportunities in any sector like IT, MCA, BCA and other.

We provide the best coaching for the students, and also the summer/winter training for students of every sector.

  • After schooling there are various streams as a future option for students, and they have to choose one which is best for them. But the competition and struggle are growing tougher day by day. Choosing the right organization for the Industrial Training Institute for working on live projects and learning technology is extremely much significant for better understanding knowledge and gaining technical knowledge which can truly help students for better their preferred jobs and careers. This institute is a special education vehicle to provide the best and advance knowledge of today and tomorrow's industries requirement. We provide the training with skills to understand the topics and per second changing parameters of educational environment. Industrial training in Zeetron Networks Pvt. Ltd. gives you a lot of experience and conceptual training in various courses to learn industrial level experience, Professional career experience. Industrial Training can develop your growing skills. Here we assigned responsibilities associated with their courses, so that, they have the opportunity to find their dream job their knowledge and skills.

Why to Choose Us

With the coaching of programming language we also provide the best possible industrial training for students. We have provided the job oriented training program while keeping in mind the current industry needs. Zeetron Networks Pvt. Ltd. is the best Centre in Jaipur for job oriented courses like a different course name. Our live project training program or real time project training program is specially designed for the students and job seekers who are lacking the required experience and skill set in the industry. During the industrial training program, they have a golden chance to polish their practical skills by working on minor and major projects. The industrial training is required to boost up skills by working on live projects on different languages. The institute is well suitable for each student because their team offers quality-oriented study material in affordable fee and students will definitely gain more knowledge and experience during their training program.

Vision of the Zeetron Networks Pvt. Ltd.

To be a leading global institute that provides a transformative education to create leaders and innovators, and generates new knowledge for society and industry also providing the students relevant and professional skills and guiding them towards a bright future, and career all around the world with the values of — ‘Honesty’, ‘Hard Work’ and ‘Ethics’. Our vision to be a center of excellence in education and research to produce globally competent professional minds with human values and ethics to serve the society by taking part in real—time projects.

Mission of the Zeetron Networks Pvt. Ltd.

  • To guide students to choose right career and to give knowledge, skill, and to make the students competitive and efficient in a technical field through technological transformations.

  • To provide the best education and training to meet the need of the industry and society.

  • To undertake collaborative real — time projects with academia and industries, so that the students have better experience of how things work in IT organizations or companies.

  • To create an environment conducive to creativity, innovation, team-sprit and entrepreneurial leadership.

  • To provide an excellent study, and the best industrial training that leads to careers as in the widely diversified domains of industry, government and academia.